Unforgettable experiences on the Rukatunturi since 1998!

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We arrange guided farm visits and husky tours every week by reservation.

Bookings and more info via email husky@erasusi.com or by calling 040–5700279


Unforgettable experiences on the Rukatunturi since 1998!

Erä-Susi Oy

Erä-Susi is an expe­rienced and trus­ted hus­ky safa­ri orga­nizer from Kuusa­mo, which has pro­vi­ded its cus­to­mers with unfor­get­table expe­riences since 1998. The diver­se ran­ge of acti­vi­ties we offer inclu­des both hus­ky sled­ding and visits to our domes­tic ani­mal farm.

The acti­vi­ties we offer vary by the sea­son. In win­ter cus­to­mers get to hop aboard a hus­ky sled and during sum­mer you can go hiking with the dogs or ride on a dog-drawn car­ria­ge.

Erä-Susi got new owners Sep­tem­ber 2017 and the new team has ent­husias­tical­ly accep­ted this new chal­len­ge. We want to deve­lop the farm and our cus­to­mer ser­vice to be even bet­ter and to pro­vi­de even more memo­rable expe­riences to our cus­to­mers.

In eve­ryt­hing we do, the well­being of our ani­mals is always top prio­ri­ty.

Abso­lu­te­ly amazing expe­rience. The staff were great, very infor­ma­ti­ve, know­led­geable and calm/patient. The Hus­kies were love­ly and well trai­ned. We felt safe. The trail was abso­lu­te­ly stun­ning. We all had a fan­tas­tic time and would defi­ni­te­ly recom­mend it and go back next time.


Erä-Susi Oy

Ruka­jär­ven­tie 30,
93830 Ruka­tun­tu­ri

Pho­ne: +358 40 570 0279
Email: husky@erasusi.com

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We arran­ge gui­ded farm visits and hus­ky tours eve­ry week by reser­va­tion. Boo­kings and more info via email husky@erasusi.com or by cal­ling 040–5700279

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