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We started 1998 with 8 dogs as a small company and doing everything by ourselves...

Now beginning the season 2017 -2018  and we have over 200 sledgedogs. Mr Wolf is a owner of the company and he quarantee that the programmes are in good guality.Our leader dogs will take you to the wonderful world of arctic husky dogs! Their spirit is amazing, especially when YOU are driving by yourself ! Our husky dog farm consists of over 200 dogs. They are well trained and well-behaving sledge dogs: Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies and mix-breeds. We emphasize the well-being of our dogs, high quality safaris and good customer service. Our experienced guides will take you to an unforgettable adventure. You get to be the driver after thorough driving instructions. Our routes are safe to drive.In wintertime we operate on our Rukajärvi farm during the winter season on 15.11.-30.4. You can also book a wilderness lunch and enjoy it at the farm or on the route!


Our main farm The Wolf's Fang is located only 7 km from the Ruka Ski Resort. You can choose between 2 km - 30 km routes or take a ride with reindeer. So you can meet all the magnificent northern animals at the same time and same place! We have also other animals in our farm like: Finn Horse, sheeps, llamas and in winter time indoor hens, ducks, goats, turkeys and bunnies. In summer we have the farm open also for the visitors.


We can serve also bigger groups, like having a proper meal or just having a little snack by the open fire in our  The BIG (bad) WOLF-kota, WOLFIE-kota or in our WOLF´S FANG-safarihouse.  Our huskyfarm in Ruka is keeping us hurried  all around the year. 


You can also find us in the Ruka skiresort´s web-site:  RUKA skiresort




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ADDRESS: Rukajärventie 30, 93830 Rukatunturi
TEL: +358 (0)40-57 00 279
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