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Husky Farm autumn

Our huskyfarm is closed and we do the dog training.

We will open again when we will the THE SNOW =) 
The Area fee is 5 e / person

5 days husky safari  2013

The 5 days husky safaris in Rokua Geopark are now on sale.
We will start from our ROKUA husky farm, which is located only 1 h drive from OULU airport ...   Read more

Rent canoe

We are renting canoes and kayaks to Oulankajoki in the Nationalpark Of Oulanka. The meeting point is in the
Kiutaköngäs Nature center, SafariCafe SUSI. 
Please call first or email!

The kayaking tour in Rokua Geopark next summer 2013

Holiday in Rokua Geopark, including 4 days kayaking adventure Lake Oulujärvi instructed by Mr Jomppe Kuronen .... Read more

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