To be a trainee or volunteer in our farm

We will take trainees all year around to our Ruka-Kuusamo huskyfarm.  In the huskyfarm we have had students from wilderness- and nature schools, Kennel-school from Kannus, small animal attendants and students from travel marketing schools.Trainees will take part every task that will do in the farm, always outside in a cold,rain, snow, ice and wind.

Winter temperature is between +2C  upto -35 C.
Summer usual about +18 to +20C [+10c upto +35 (very seldon :)


Everyone loves dogs, of course, but that´s not enough a reason to come to our farm... The work can be physically very hard, so your health and condition must be ok.

And of course you must be open for the new things and willing to learn more. You must be able take the responsibility at your own work and be ready to live together with the other trainees in the same room.


Basic work in the farm:

-  cleaning the kennels, feeding and giving the drink

-  autumn time: the dog training with ATV and then with sledge

-  spring time: the puppy training


-  safari season 15.11 - 30.4  taking part of the safari work (planning, preparing,                  harnessing, riding snowmobile, sometimes ride sledge with clients )

-  service at "kota" (Lappish Hut) making fire, coffee and so

-  all service- and maintaining work (preparing, fixing, snow work, firewood work...)


We can offer accommodation here in our farm, but no sallary.


Year 2015 we got
"Accredited Work placement company" by Dutch Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market to train the young professionals.  Company ID: 100400043
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Placements at least 6 weeks, but we hope that you stay longer)

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