We act in accor­dance instruc­tions by Fin­nish Ins­ti­tu­te for Health and Wel­fa­re.  We will ensu­re that the area is safe to tra­vel and that here it is safe to be.

Our acti­vi­tes hap­pens most­ly out­si­de so social dis­tance is possible.

Indoors, we have rai­sed the level of hygie­ne and instruc­ted staff about safe instructions.

Hand sani­tizer is avai­lable at ent­rance points to the all com­mu­nal areas, and in all toilets.

Plea­se help us, tra­vel res­pon­sibly and fol­low health guidelines.

-Take care of hand and cough hygiene

-Come only healthy

-Take care of social distance

-Put tis­sues and masks in the trash

New cancel­la­tion con­di­tions due to Covid-19

If the cancel­la­tion hap­pens due to Covid-19, we pro­vi­de full refund ‑25€/booking for the office costs. We request the proof of the cancel­la­tion. This policy is valid even for the last minu­te cancel­la­tion but only for the Covid-19 restrictions.