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Longer tour 30 km with huskies…  TOTAL DURATION 4 h
this time little bit longer...about 30 km ! You work together with the  kind and strong huskies. It is so silent that all you can hear is your sledge runners running on the snow.  First  we tell you about the sledgedogs and we will show you how to ride a huskyteam. After the riding lesson (15 min) we will start the tour. There is 2 person with one dogteam (one riding and one sitting as a passenger) Also including little snack by the open fire or you can book a safari with soupmeal.

SEASON: 15.11 - 30.4
GROUP SIZE: 1 - 50 person / day   

TOTAL DURATION: The riding takes about 2 - 2,5 h and the total duration is about 5 h depending on the snow conditions. In the very cold weather, we do not recommend to take children with 

PRICE: 140 e / person,  2 per one team
210 e / person,  riding alone (no passanger)

NOTE: Riding alone can be very demanding,  so you must have a good balance and condition.

INCLUDING: huskysafari with 6-dogs, guiding, campmeal, Vat 9 % and insurance. Also available to have extras like dinners in the wilderness

NOT INCLUDING: Transfer or overalls

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