Dog sled rides 2016 - 2017


Short husky safaris  2 km – 10 km                                       

Coming to our husky farm Rukajärvi, about 6 km from Ruka ski center. We will begin

with the riding and safety lesson. The adult clients will be handling the sledge and children, or another adult, will be seated in the sledge. The adults can change their positions during the Safari. Our guide will drive for safety reason with the snowmobile

in front of the Safari, because he will be able to help you, if needed. When coming

back to the Husky farm, you will have a opportunity to take photos and pet the dogs.

After that we will have a warm drink and snack with the guide. 

  2 km      40 e / person, ride time about 8 min / the total program duration 35 min

                No Snack

  5 km      72 e / person, ride time about 20 min / the total program duration 1 h      
                RIDING ALONE 110 e / person, no passenger

10 km      97 e / person, ride time about 45 min / the total program duration 1,5 h
                RIDING ALONE  150 e / person, no passenger



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Tour mileages are approximate meassures.
We reserve the right to alter routes and arrangements, due to weather and track

Children under 12 years old
accompanied by their parents, are half the price

Children under 4 years old, accompanied by their parents, are free


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